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Destiel - Crime/Agent/Detective/Police AU rec list


  • Until you wake up (Dean/Cas AU) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Dean is an FBI agent who’s been trying to take down a crime lord named Alistair for his whole career, and, naturally, things go spectacularly haywire when his cover is blown.
  • Chasing the sky (Dean/Cas AU Character Death) Rating: R Summary: Round and round the bodies they go, in the game that only ever ends one way. Ironically enough, it’s the only way that Dean ever feels alive.
  • To the lost (Dean/Cas AU) Rating: NC-17 Summary: 1921: Dean Winchester and Castiel Milton are two WWI veterans meeting by chance at a hospital. Dean, works for an alcohol smuggler for whom he does small/dirty business. After Castiel helps Dean with his current assignment, he ends up working alongside him for good. Neither of them is completely fine with it but when the only thing you’re trained to do is kill people, there’s not much of a choice.
  • Sin with a grin (Dean/Cas AU WIP) Rating: NC-17 Summary: 32-year-old Dean Winchester loves his life, he really does… He has a great job teaching third grade at the local elementary school. Great friends, an excellent relationship and lots of family. And if he feels slightly inadequate around his genius baby brother and War Vet boyfriend, so what? He’s a big boy, he can deal. But when said War Vet boyfriend turned FBI Agent Castiel L’Ange asks for his help on a case, what else is a grade school teacher to do besides agree?
  • Sleight of hand (Dean/Cas AU) Rating: M Summary: Castiel is the cop and Dean is the robber, and maybe it was always this way, or maybe it wasn’t.Or: The one where Castiel comes to understand the crime he has committed and the truth he never could accept
  • Together, they fight crime (Dean/Cas AU WIP) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Dean is an ex-Green Beret who hunts monsters for the FBI. Castiel is a teenage psychic on his last chance. Together, they fight crime. This fic is pretty disturbing, because Cas is young. Read it anyway :D
  • A mighty dark night (Dean/Cas AU) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Detective Dean Winchester meets Homeland Security Agent Castiel James over a corpse.
  • One for the money,two for the blow (Dean/Cas AU WIP) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Dean Winchester is a plain clothes cop who has a hard time letting go of the job even when off-duty, known to his colleagues as Deadpan Dean, he rarely cracks a smile. When one day he meets Castiel, a cheeky and quick-witted drug dealer who is not adverse to sampling the cream of the crop himself. Dean finds himself in a constant struggle trying to catch Castiel in the act, but the dealer seems to always be two steps ahead of him. But after months of to-and-fro-ing, can Dean bear to lock Cas away when he does catch him in the act?
  • Things I should have known (Dean/Cas AU) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Castiel Novak has managed to keep his personal life with Dean Smith separate from his professional life as a secret agent for three years. He expected to continue living a series of detestable but necessary lies cloaked in precarious alibis for the rest of his life, and then his new assignment threatened to throw all of that out the window: Kill Dean Winchester.
  • Redemption (Dean/Cas AU) Rating: R Summary: Dean is an agent for a secret organization devoted to take out corrupt leaders. Castiel Novak is an agent for an organization devoted to protecting them. When Castiel is shot during one of their many collisions, Dean reacts out of instinct and saves him, immediately marking himself as a traitor. And so begins the biggest journey yet for Dean, Castiel, and Sam, where Castiel teaches Dean about the power of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances, all while trying to stay alive.
  • Below Skyscrapers (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: R Summary: “Castiel, this is Detective Winchester,” Bobby’s saying, voice rough and real. It’s a distraction, although a brief one, the angel glancing at him before studying Dean again with that same silent intensity. “He’ll be on the Circle Murders too.”
  • Ye who are weary, come home (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: PG-13 Summary: When a murder investigation leads Detective Dean Winchester to an isolated religious settlement outside of town, his life becomes inextricably entwined with the one man who may be able to help him solve the case.
  • For whom the bell tolls (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Castiel is a son of the Family, but he wants nothing to do with organized crime - he just wants Dean. Unfortunately, Dean is a prostitute under the thumb of one of Castiel’s uncles, and all Castiel can have of him are nights stolen in secret. And even then, nothing is simple.
  • Close to broken (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: NC-17 Summary: It is 1932. Castiel, the adopted son, serves as the Sant’Angelo crime family’s hitman, a ruthless soldier who kills indiscriminately without questions. It is only when Castiel is contracted to kill Dean Winchester, his childhood obsession, that his world is torn asunder. Suddenly, in the face of the man he once loved, Castiel begins to doubt himself and nothing can prepare him for how quickly everything seems to fall apart.
  • No Small Dream (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: R Summary: Dean is a cop investigating a recent string of unexplained and bizarre murders. Castiel is an ex-priest and exorcist turned detective who has come to investigate the murders. But when has anything ever been as it seems?
  • The Mechanic (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: PG-13 Summary: Assassin AU. Dean is a mechanic, and he’s damn good at his job.
  • There must be something that remains  (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: PG-13 (first part) Summary:  A year after his brother’s death, Dean’s trying to put the past behind him. But when Castiel shows up at his doorstep, Dean starts to realize that the past isn’t quite as buried as he thought.
  • Kiss the blood off my hands (Dean/Castiel AU) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Wherein Castiel is a private detective with a couple of vices he can’t renounce, and Dean’s life is far from ideal.
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