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(Season 10 edition, updated and revised)

So, the Season 10 Sneak Peek happened, and there’s worry over Castiel and Hannah hooking up.

But it may, in fact, be a necessary step toward making Destiel indisputably canon, and I’ll tell you why.

Once again, we’ll start by looking at the Castle model for Destiel.

I’ve talked about the Castle model before, and it basically boils down to the fact that Castle and Beckett have gone through anger, horrible break-up fights, loss of trust in the other, separation, thinking the other one is dead, and pretty much every kind of bad thing that can happen to a relationship, including sleeping with other people and having the other one know about it.  And they’re together now.  This past season tested that, really hard, but you know what?  Come the end of the series, I fully expect to see them actually married.


(Castle even hung a lampshade on this in last year’s season finale:  What’s a Great Romance without obstacles to overcome? he asks Beckett when it seems like the Fates are conspiring to stop their wedding.)

What does that have to do with Castle or Destiel, you ask?  Well, Castle has always been about the Caskett ship, right from the get-go.  That’s the backbone of the story, the plotline everything else serves somehow.

The Dean/Cas relationship was one of the main plotlines for the last two seasons, and the way Show showed us the Dean/Cas plotline relied heavily on romance tropes.  And since my mantra for Supernatural is that NOTHING ON THIS SHOW IS RANDOM, I (as well as a whole slew of other people) think they’ve been giving us a romance story.

In case you’re one of those people who don’t read romance novels, let me lay out the basic plot of EVERY ROMANCE NOVEL IN THE HISTORY OF EVER.*

  • Girl (or boy) meets boy.
  • Sparks fly
  • Shit happens to keep girl (or boy) and boy apart
  • And then more shit happens
  • And then REALLY BAD SHIT happens; it looks like girl (or boy) and boy are never gonna get together
  • But all that shit only brings them closer, and girl (or boy) and boy end up together in the end

That’s what we’ve been watching for six years on Castle, and, depending on whom you ask, between two and five years for Destiel.

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Unfortunately, I can not believe network TV will treat a straight, planned from the beginning romance on the same level as a queer relationship between two men that have been repetitively shown only with women. 

I also have trouble buying into the logic that good for destiel equals good, but bad for destiel also equals good. I’ve watched these arguments for so long, that there is absolute no “bad” that the faithful optimists can’t find a way to see as a good thing. (And frankly, that makes me automatically doubtful of all of these types of posts.)

I don’t have a lot of hope right now. I could get into why, but I don’t want to pull everyone down. There are two reasons I’m reblogging- one was to share my take. The other was to let people know that if you’re like me and currently struggling to find the hope of canon destiel, you might want to read the OP. I know her, I’ve even met her, and respect her a great deal. No offense was intended in the sharing of this opinion.

Alfie Walks on Land Not on Water


a/n: for Abi, happy birthday bub! i actually managed to drag my butt into a doc and write something down instead of dreaming it up for this special occasion. — dean x cas, roommate!au, ~3,3k

“When did that Cas-whatever guy say he was coming?”

Dean was standing in the doorway to his recently moved in room, trying to figure out how someone had managed to jam the key so far into the lock that it seemed impossible to twist it back out. He was sorely tempted to immerse himself in a few calculations evaluating the necessary force, angle and dedication applied by the person who must have obviously held a personal vendetta against the poor safety device, when Benny walked by, a box of nails and a hammer in his hands. Dean snapped his eyes away from their close inspection of the lock and turned to face Benny, who had come to a stop with a long-suffering expression peaking out from underneath his winter break beard.

“Brother, I told you this how many times already? His name’s Castiel and he plans on arriving around six. That’s in about ten minutes.”

Benny moved further down the hallway before turning around with a smirk. “I also told him we’d help with his boxes and the ah-“ A raised eyebrow. “Cage for his tortoise.”

“His tortoise? Isn’t that the same as a turtle?” Seeing that Benny made to open his mouth, Dean continued quickly. “Actually, never mind, how come I wasn’t informed our new roommate has a reptile pet?”

Benny snorted and walked on into his room, speaking back over his shoulder. Seriously, Dean was fifty percent of the decision-making committee here and a pet should warrant mentioning. Even though turtles were pretty hilarious with their sturdy little legs and wiggle-y walk, not that he’d ever admit to that out loud. Benny would probably crack a rib laughing at him.

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I don’t think people recognize how important that line is. In this episode, the boys are living in an alternate universe - Dean can beat Sam at Rock Paper Scissors, Ellen is married to Bobby, Ellen and Jo are alive and well, and the list goes on. What Balthazar says here, about the angel being in love with Dean, isn’t meant to be a joke or a jab at Dean, but rather a statement that Dean shouldn’t be calling him when the other angel would do anything for him. In this universe, with one slightly altered event, Dean and Castiel are in fact in love, just as they should be. I firmly believe that they are truly together in this slightly altered universe and that they are truly soul mates.

I once saw a post about AUs and how they are so amazing to read because two people, no matter what situation they are in or what universe they are part of, they will still meet and fall in love. These two characters, whether human or not, on earth or elsewhere, or simple people or hunters, will always find their way back to each other no matter the story and what gets thrown at them. This episode reminds me of that: Dean and Castiel are soul mates to the point that no matter the universe or the small details that occur, they will always fall in love.


Thanks to all the awesome people who are sending me mesagges of support and love. For reasons you surely understand I won’t publish them, but they made my day really better, so I really thank you for that.

Sometimes I feel I’m alone, but then you appear and I realize I’m not.

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A short cockles ficlet. It was meant to cheer people up but perhaps cheer is the wrong word.

The bedroom Misha sleeps in when he’s in Vancouver is small, and when they light it with candles, it glows, bathing everything in warm, soothing tones. 

Misha is gorgeous like this. Post-orgasm, eyes glassy and wide, faint sheen of sweat, lips parted just slightly, still catching his breath. Jensen soaks it in. He can’t get enough.

Jensen drops the back of his index finger to Misha’s cheek and glides it lightly along the bone. Misha turns to him, smiling. The light catches the angels of his face anew and it’s like unwrapping a whole new Misha-shaped present. 

There’s lines in his face that weren’t there when Jensen met him 7 years ago. There’s a weight to his eyes and grey hair threatens his temples. The show dyes it out, but Jensen knows every inch of the man, inside and out, and he’s seen the roots.

Misha turns his head, catches Jensen’s finger with his lips. He’d been stroking, lost in thought.

"More wrinkles than there used to be," Misha comments softly, like he knows. And he does know. Knows Jensen, anyway.

Jensen hums in agreement.

"Will you still love me when I’m old and grey?" Misha asks. He’s trying to joke, but Jensen knows Misha, too. And maybe if this were a different time, a different place, he’d joke too. He’d tease, because Misha knows that he teases when things get too real, too much. He knows it’s out of love.

But here in bed, bathed in candlelight and the scent of them combined, comfortable and unconcerned about their nudity, he doesn’t need to hide. That’s not what he wants, that’s not what Misha needs.

He repositions his hand, flat on Misha’s cheek this time, and kisses him gently. They share breath for a few moments before Jensen responds.

"Old and grey. Shriveled and hunched. Dentures and liverspots. Incontinence diapers and walkers. Misha, I only hope we’re both around long enough for me to love you through all of it."

Misha’s lips wobble a bit before he’s turning into Jensen’s body, pressing him close, kissing him deeply, and Jensen knows the sentiment is returned in full.

Not that he needs to guess.

In between kisses and presses and things somehow heating up all over again, Misha whispers, “Same.”


since armellin said she wanted something more ‘graphic’ and i had absolutely no will to colour, so instead we have this… this thing….
i’m quite sure dean is ejacuating, i mean look the fuck at his face it’s hilarious.
Anyways, enjoy
psst.. for some reason, its top is transparent


since armellin said she wanted something more ‘graphic’ and i had absolutely no will to colour, so instead we have this… this thing….

i’m quite sure dean is ejacuating, i mean look the fuck at his face it’s hilarious.

Anyways, enjoy

psst.. for some reason, its top is transparent

I swear to God, BEING the beta is more nerve wrecking than being the writer in the relationship.

things i like (as demonstrated by misha collins)


  • the jaw thing:


  • the arm thing:


  • the back thing:


  • the lower back thing


  • the hip bone thing:


  • the nose thing:


  • the butt thing:


  • the tummy thing:


  • the ribs thing:


  • the collarbone thing:


  • the whatever this is thing:


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