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tonight on supernatural






Not sure I like this…. Is this the “fiction” perhaps? Because this actually removes Gabriel’s hero’s death and redemption and sacrifice.

okay I was excited for a minute but the weird speech pattern, the odd dialogue…it’s metatron in disguise. Fuck.

Yeah, I noticed all that too. I mean, the speech pattern and voice was enough but that could have been accidental or just Richard growing up and changing. But the dialogue… Pull it all together and I don’t think it’s an accident. I think it’s Richard pulling off some awesome acting.

i need to rewatch, but i guess technically that was just metatron writing a fantasy rather than straight up impersonating gabe


do you think that’s what misha meant about the new metatron vessel? especially after this tweet?

Oooohhhhh, good call. Yeah, that is very, very likely what Misha was talking about. He’s so good at words and twisted truths. We are all so lucky he’s on the good side of life and not the evil.

Did misha live-tweet?

Ehhhh, not really. He tweeted that his sexy love interest was obviously Gabriel, or something to that effect. That was it. I’m sure he’s planning on live tweeting the Pacific coast airing though.

That was a fabulous episode. What did you think??? XX

Agreed, I LOVED it. I missed a few parts due to running to popcorn and one bag nearly catching fire, but I thought it was fantastic. Feels with both the bros, and of course what I live and breathe for now, some awesome Cas moments. 

And I love what it sets up. An actual bad guy that is seemingly impossible to beat. That’s what I live for. That’s why I love Doctor Who, and Supernatural in the last few seasons has been lacking it. Write the impossible situation, and then write a solution to it that I never say coming, but I can buy. Show me how brilliant your writing and creativity can be.

It’s been far too long since I’ve tasted that from Supernatural, and I’m really excited to be having it now.

And then vampires… whatever. THIS episode was great.


Cas the hunter. Cas the pop culture expert. Cas the concerned boyfriend. Cas the reluctant messiah. I just……Cas.



im confused

did cas just end up doing exactly what metatron wanted him to do

Well it was heavily implied they don’t have any control over what Metatron writes. And he wrote Cas going out to his flock.

I’m just curious how they’re going to shake Metatron having that kind of control…

So basically we’re back to team free will versus destiny?

Same song second verse…




how are you, Dean?


how are you, Dean?